Road rage in the Christmas traffic

Sitting in traffic and driving in general can do strange things to us. It can turn the most mild mannered person into a raging psycho. I moved house recently and am spending more time in traffic. I can lack a little patience at times, so sometimes it can be interesting. Today, driving along the inside lane (which at certain times of the day is a bus lane), I started indicating to pull out to avoid a few parked cars. All of a sudden the car on the outside sped up – definately not letting me out. I casually glanced round to see the woman in the passenger seat angrily gesticulating at me. Maybe she didn’t quite get the bus lane is only in operation 8-9.30 and so figured since i was transgressing, no way was her hubbie going to let me out. It had a strange effect on me, overcoming the temptation to gesticulate back, it made me all the more determined to let people out as i drove along. Driving along can be a time when I am so absorbed in my journey and me getting there that i forget about others. Letting people out in front of me is a tiny way i try to teach myself and remind myself to be generous, to show grace to others. Today the example of ungrace or a lack of generosity drove me (sorry – unintentionally bad pun) to be generous in how i treated others on the road. Living generously doesn’t come easy – to me anyway – so its something i need to teach my self to do. I guess today was a start – just the rest of my life to go now…


4 thoughts on “Road rage in the Christmas traffic”

  1. I decided recently that allowing (or not) someone to pull out can make or break their day. Better to let them out, especially if it’s first thing in the morning!

    I only wish the lollipop man round the corner from me had the same idea.I’m sure he makes it his life mission to ensure that children need to cross the road just as I’m driving past.

  2. Yeah it really can have quite an impact and does take a concious decision sometimes!
    Its also amazing how people really can become such pyschos when driving!

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