Chelsea winning three titles in a row with players that weren’t £30m flops, lifting that trophy to the adulation of thousands…

glory. One of those words that’s used in lots of different ways. Growing up in a christian environment its one i heard a lot of but never really understood what it was.

Christians talk a lot about glory, but sometimes I wonder if we really know what were talking about (like a lot of things). If you checked out the dictionary link there you’ll see how the dictionary doesn’t seem to be sure what it means either with 14 defintions.
Some people use it to mean heaven, but mostly we refer to God’s glory. It’s an idea the bible is full of. Jesus is the revelation of God’s glory. John in his gospel talks about how we have seen his glory. But what does that mean? So often God’s glory seems to be an ereathral concept. It seems to me that God gets glory when we recognise his greatness, goodness, mercy, justice, compassion – when we begin to recognise God for who he is, he is ‘glorified’. God’s glory seems to involve recognising his character and his character being displayed. So it seems to me that when we talk about wanting to see Gods glory, or for his glory to fill the earth, instead of looking for some weird shining light to eminate from everything maybe we need to not miss the ways God’s glory is already present. In small acts of kindness and compassion. In fighting for justice for the oppressed. In giving hope. In freeing people from guilt and duty to embrace the life and potential God gives. In a smile.
Is it possible that when we reflect God’s character – especially in ways so often we don’t notice, God’s glory is present?


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