So you want my vote do you?

Can’t beat the pre-election nitpicking on the politics show. For an election campaign that seemed to be more about the real issues, getting the politicians together seems to simply result in the usual old arguments. The Belfast Telegraph figure of 47% of the electorate undecided is hardly surprising. It seems to me that most parties are saying similar things, of course they are all opposing unpopular water charges. None of them seem to have a recognisable message. They all seem to be lacking the ‘stickiness factor’, and the personality to sell them.

Listening to the politicians go on about what people are saying ‘on the doorstep’ rings hollow. None have been looking to chat on my doorstep (except the policeman looking the owner of an abandoned car at 6.20am on a Saturday morning!) Maybe they’ve been too busy getting in the pies. I was gutted to see one party canvassing simply dropping in leaflets not knocking doors – more because i was looking forward to giving them a grilling. We’ve only had leaflets from 3 parties through our door. You’d think if politicians wanted my vote they would make an effort for it. Seems not. Or maybe parties aren’t interested in people living on the edge of the ‘been’.

I’d love to see Sinn Fein and the DUP given a rude wake-up call by lots of people giving smaller parties who don’t have the same baggage a vote. I’ll be interested to see what the ‘Cameron effect’ will be on the Conservative vote, will the greens get their first seat and will there be a ‘new dawn’ for the PUP?


One thought on “So you want my vote do you?”

  1. Someone was obviously listening. This afternoon we had a deluge of election leaflets. Two days before the election…

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