Waiting impatiently

Voting day is one of the few days I realise what a privilege it is to live in a democracy. The feeling of walking into the polling station (dodging the slightly dodgy looking youth and nice old woman wanting to give me more bits of election bumf) and numbering your ballot paper really is a marvellously empowering feeling. At least for me anyway. I do think we’re a bit lazy here in Northern Ireland though. What’s all this not starting to count until 9am the next day. I want to be glued to the TV right now seeing the election results come in, drinking in the turnout stats and latest permutations of seats and percentage votes. The BBC text updates just aren’t quite the same. You can’t tune into the TV when you’re at work. Another thing while i’m on my soapbox. It seemed to me that the parties weren’t really trying to hard to get my vote. Eventually getting the publicity two days before and not one knock on the door. Is this the same for everyone else?

How many times did a politician call at your house to canvass for your vote?
  Three times
  Four or more times
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One thought on “Waiting impatiently”

  1. We didn’t have anyone come knocking. To be honest I would have pretended to be out if any of those jackasses had come to my place.

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