supersizing and pineapples

An Australian problem rather than an American one. It seems all is not well down under. Too much Fosters and too many many barbies (of the food not doll variety), means the Australians now need supersize ambulances and reinforced stretchers.

In Burma the military dictatorship decided a year or two again a fit of craziness to move the capital, well actually build a new one called the ‘Seat of Kings’. While they build new palaces for themselves the people suffer… The British government in its wisdom has economic sanctions against Burma – bizarrely only on the issue of pineapple juice, not oil or gas (where the dictatorship makes most of its money). Now I’m not too up on all this, and do have questions about making sure sanctions don’t hurt the poorest, so am wiling to be corrected here…


One thought on “supersizing and pineapples”

  1. Hi Sam, just wanted to say I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog. I don’t know anything about the pineapple sanctions though.
    See you at ECon!

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