A Return to the Dark Days?

The high profile deaths of Alexander Litvinenko and Anna Politkovskaya, the state censorship of the media, the crackdown on true government opposition are ominous signs coming from Russia. With the death of Yeltsin we look back at the glory days of freedom in Russia as a result of the work of Gorbachev. How things have changed. Putin more and more seems to be a nasty piece of work, crushing freedom in Russia. Reading the latest police crushing of a demonstration in Newsweek offered further worrying proof. Yet one innocent bystander brutally beaten by Police commented that he had never been to a demonstration but from now on he wouldn’t miss one. Will Putin’s brutal repression be successful or will the people rise against him? What of the oligarchs – it’s not hard to see why they have fled Russia, do they have a role in exile funding and encouraging a velvet revolution in Russia? What of western governments??

Do they have the courage to stand up to Putin or are they too worried about Russia’s oil and gas bargaining power. Is it time for us to start writing a few letters to our MP’s/TD’s to get our governments asking a few questions. After all aren’t we, with the Americans all about freedom and democracy?


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