This time next month i’ll be on the plane to Peru. I’m going with a bunch of students from across Ireland, where we’ll be working with the Peruvian equivalent of who I work for. We (hopefully) will be doing some English language stuff with students – just as well given my spanish skills. We’ll also be helping build a community centre in the outskirts of Lima. AEGUP (the Peruvian IFES movement) are pretty awesome and holistic in what they do. The community centre will not only provide a place for locals to come and use, but will host breakfast and lunch clubs for kids who probably wouldn’t eat otherwise, as well as being a hub for community development teaching skills, giving health education and a lot more. With weddings and all sorts of other stuff like being crashed into going on I’m only getting around to really thinking about Peru. By the way, what are the odds, blemish free driving for years the points and an accident all in a few weeks. Thanks to all those who have dug deep to help us on our way so far, if you’d like to contribute – click on the justgiving link to the right. Hasta luego.


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