In it for life…

Best man speeches are a bit of a nightmare. You really do feel the pressure to try and make people laugh, and I’m no stand-up comic, although when you have friends who have done lots of amusing things it makes it much easier. Being best man for Tim and Susie was a real pleasure and a bit of a privilege, to be so involved as they commit themselves to each other for life. There was a great moment in the service where we – Tim and Susie’s family and friends also said ‘i do’ to helping them live faithfully with each other. It really impressed me as so often we are given the impression that once in a couple you have all you need but you don’t, you still need other people around you to cheer you on, to listen and be there when it all goes pear-shaped, and to share in the joy. I guess it was reminding us that just as Tim and Susie are in it together for life – we’re in it with them for life too as a community who will try to help them live faithfully. Rob Bell’s ‘Sex God’ has some really interesting stuff on relationships connected with all this but that’s for another day. I leave with one of the best photos (in my opinion – well apart from Emily the flowergirl – the true star of the show) of the day – kindly supplied by Colin’s photographic genius…

And the bride and groom
I’m trying to restrain myself to not posting some of the photos and video clips I used in the speech, I have a lifetime of dinner invites to think about…


One thought on “In it for life…”

  1. quality photos…and shades!

    yeah, so you were waiting for them to come out from under the chuppah then?!!!

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