Pets and Poverty – Peru part two

The strangest sight so far has been the woman on the bus with two snails in a plastic bag with a little lettuce – not lunch but merely pets it seemed. Saturday 14th saw our first day working in the community of San Martin at Caraballyo. The green fields of vegetables were a welcome relief from the greyness of Lima – the city of 11 million were the sun never seems to break through the smog. The sight of this little community on the edge of a rubbish dump was however a different sight. After the dustiness and rubbish came the smell of the rubbish and the pigs that feed on the rubbish. As we stepped out of the mototaxis, the first thing to my shame that i noticed about the kids [apart from them being pretty cute] were that they looked pretty dirty and the last thing i wanted to do was touch them. I had to remind myself what Jesus would have done and make a concious effort to get stuck in, but after my self-centred concerns the kids were so affectionate and really glad to see us, and to play. Football not being my strong point, the only people I can beat are kids so its all good! We will be putting a roof on the community house built by AEGUP – the Peruvian IFES movement, who after consultation, are working in partnership with the community leaders. They’ve also built an amazing little playground that provides a splash of colour in the midst of some of the drabness. Its going to be a real learning experience and privilege to work alongside AEGUP as they demonstrate integral mission and get to know some of the locals with my pidgeon Spanish. Lima has been in the grips of strikes for the last few weeks although we haven’t seen much apart from riot police around the centre. all is quiet, but Independance Day on 28 July should be fun.


3 thoughts on “Pets and Poverty – Peru part two”

  1. Seriously though, isn’t the interweb great? There you are in Peru and here we are in Ireland and we can follow your progress and pray for you guys. None of this crypto-luddisim for me. I love technology!

    Keep up the updates Sam!

  2. hola!! only me again, i realised i left my comment under the wrong one, so here i am again!! Oh and forgot to ask, how’s the old espanol going??!! Im sure you’re doing great:)hasta pronto sammilio!!holsx

  3. Haha, on a team of all girls (except you of course) Paul stands back with his hands in his pockets and lets everyone else do the work.
    It sounds like all is well there!

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