365 – pausing to notice

We live in an instant society, life is incredibly busy, we rush from meeting to meeting, from home to work to gym to meet people to catch favourite TV show to bed. We rarely stop. Stop simply to notice, to be aware of the moments of beauty and grace. Stop and pause not to moan or complain but to be thankful for those holy moments when God breaks through the noise and we hear his whisper. To see the good.

typing.jpg365 is a blogging movement that recognises that this stopping and pausing – recognising the moments of grace, the things to be thankful for, the moments of beauty doesn’t come naturally, but needs to be practised, to be learned and that’s what we are trying to do, trying to learn. Even on the worst days, to stop and look. It began with hoveactually and is spreading. Even the Soapbox is pausing from ranting to be thankful, so too smallcorner and lilytodd. Carrie O’Hara is also charting the good and inspiring, but also venting the bad, although I predict it may skew towards the former. Its not easy, it is a discipline that’s an easier road when walked together, so join in, and keep us going.

Another variation on the theme is the mockingbird’s leap opening with this fantastic quote by Annie Dillard

beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense them. The least we can do is try to be there”

It’s a project for the advent season -in the run up to Christmas – the coming of the ultimate gift of Jesus – its an attempt to pay attention to the gifts of each day:

“People watching and waiting for something wonderful, even as we wait during Advent for the appearance of the Christ Child.

So that in the midst of the pimping of the season we are attentive to his coming.”


2 thoughts on “365 – pausing to notice”

  1. Erm, I sadly can’t take the credit – it began with the lovely Becci Brown, www.http://thatwascool.blogspot.com/, glad you Irish are loving it though, and delighted to have some more to read, it’s an epic journey but well worth it… Even now, I’m looking for the 365 moments in each day. Looking forward to the Adventness as well.

  2. I’m an avid reader of your 365: in fact it’s only tonight that I stumbled across your ‘real’ blog.
    Your vision for 365 is inspiring in itself I won’t ever reach your dizzying heights of your religiousity; and my rants will continue however as I pointed out, the act of actual searching for the inspirational moment in my day has led me to realise how blessed I really am.

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