The Kite Runner

kite-runner2.jpgIn the last month I’ve read a pile of theology books, and been struggling through ‘Tender is the Night’ by F Scott Fitzgerald, which just hasn’t grabbed me. So when the Kite Runner arrived I thought I’d get stuck in. I deliberately avoided the film because I wanted to enjoy the book first. I’m glad a day getting the bus coincided with a night in as I drunk in every page of this phenomenal book. At times I was transported into another world, at times I was choked with emotion. This book has been like something amazing that I can’t quite think off right now – balm to my soul perhaps. If you haven’t read it – go get your hands on a copy, borrow mine – it will do you good. Its an amazing story exploring race and sectarianism, friendship, identity, betrayal, loyalty and redemption. It struck me once again of the power of the novel and how much better they are at exploring these real everyday broken people issues than a lot of the eh only fit for recycling so called ‘Christian’ books out there. Anyone seen the film?

5 thoughts on “The Kite Runner”

  1. Well now.. I had been plagued by Austin Orr for several weeks to go see the movie with Alastair, I had intended to go but I never quite got round to it. Then to my joy I went into my local easons the other day only to discover the book was a penny cheaper than it would be to see the film..BARGIN at £4.99. I was a little hesitatnt to hand over the £4.99 as I’m just abit of a cheapo but you have reassured me Sam that this was indeed a wise investment and it is with eager anticipation that I begin to to read this novel. Yay..

  2. im with you soap… kite runner is the best fiction i’ve read in years… i rarely get emotionally involved in books, especailly not fiction… but the kite runner had me.

    saw the movie a few weeks ago… oh dear… i hated it. i’m the first to say that a movie is spoiled by a good book (if that makes sense)… and i think the subtitling was a lot to do with it – but anyway, very dissapointed.

  3. Can highly recommend ‘a thousand splendid suns’ by same author if you haven’t already read it..intense and immense. Not seen the movie..not going was enough for sure.

  4. Cheers, yeah movies are always spoiled by a good book – there’s just something amazing about imagining and seeing it in your mind that is often spoiled on the screen, and that doesn’t capture the thoughts and nuances. I must admit i had a tear in my eye at various points – as i hear did someone else on a bus in SA…

  5. Hi Sam, I just came across your blog by accident, it’s really great! I too loved the Kite Runner and I agree with Wendy, A Thousand Splendid Suns, his latest book is also great, it gives more insight into the life of women in that country. I’m not sure if you know me, I went to j’town, now living in the middle east. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Blessings

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