I have seen the future, and it is 3D

u23dI went to see U23D last night, not quite sure what to expect. After trailing my jaw in through the door after the cinema informed us that tickets were £10 ‘because it was 3D’ we collected our glasses and fell into our seats thinking ‘this better be good’.

I’ve never been to an imax before so this was my first 3D experience. It was pretty amazing, once you got use to the weird feeling of the glasses, I was finding it hard not to clap, sing and join in as it felt just like i was there. The clarity was increidble. Bono’s hand and Adam Clayton’s guitar head coming out of the screen at you is a slightly odd experience. The shots that captured it best were of the drum kit, the crowd bouncing and the view from the stage.

I have to agree with the belfast beard though that it brought back to me just how U2’s more recent songs just don’t compare to the epics that are ‘Pride’, ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’, Sunday, Bloody Sunday’ or my all time favourite U2 song ‘Bullet the Blue Sky’ with its screaming angry guitars .

The depth perception was incredible, I’m looking forward to see how this makes it into mainstream film-making.


5 thoughts on “I have seen the future, and it is 3D”

  1. Look forward to seeing it! Interesting point about the quality of later songs. I actually think it’s when they’ve tried to write modern crowd-rousers they’ve come unstuck. Elevation and Beautiful Day don’t rank alongside Bad or WTSHNN. But, I’d argue that they are crafting some of the best songs of their career with works that display a candidity rarely seen in Joshua Tree days. One Step Closer, Yahweh, and All Because of You are like diary entries written on celluloid and projected with the power of a band at their creative peak.

  2. creative peak – my hole.

    it is my humble opinion that 90s U2 kicks 80s and 00s U2.

    you probably get a better view at the film than you do at the concert.

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