Frank the bunny out and about in Belfast

piano bunnyThis made me laugh out loud as I walked through the city centre, thinking about getting lunch. I had to look twice to make sure hunger wasn’t playing strange tricks on my mind and I wasn’t imagining that a large rabbit was playing surreal fairground music, or I hadn’t entered the set of Donnie Darko.


14 thoughts on “Frank the bunny out and about in Belfast”

  1. I saw this donnie darko nightmare a few weeks ago and it liked it wasn’t even playing the keyboard. I think it just had the demo tracks on!!

  2. My friends Craig and Kevin believe that he is real!!!! They r obsessed with this keyboard playing bunny!!!

  3. My friend Frank Martin likes to dress up as a rabbit and hop about Tesco Dunmurry. Could she be the mysterious being that safeguards the mean streets of Belfast?????

  4. Hello, Hello, Hello, is this working, Hello, i was working away at my building work and the musical bunny was tickling those ivory’s producing those fantastic demo tracks, keeping me entertained, i tried to phone him, but i don’t know who i’ve been phoning!!!

  5. I seen him, to say i’ve saw him! There I wasst just walking along minding my own business and suddenly out of no where came a playing of a keyboard of some sorts ! It nearly gavert me a heart attack! But i says keep the bunny alive for the world to see! Frank is doing a great job! Awwk hello Brian what about you!!?

  6. Am I the bunny……….hmmmmmmmm who knows!!!!!! Glad to hear u wnat me kept alive rabbit stew is not a good prospect! Any other Tunes or acts u wnat performed let me know!

  7. And can i just say there are many jealous people out there as they were not good enough to make the mark! Sorry craig and kevin ur day will come!

  8. Is there a musical bunny? Seriously? Can. . . you. . . imagine. . . the musical bunny. . . taking a dump?

  9. Im a appelé le fendoir de castor. On a vu la goutte de Jeannot lapin donner un coup de pied aux enfants autour de Belfast. J’ai douze ans!!!!

  10. Bonjour bon monsieur im est le fendoir de castor que vous cherchez. Malheureusement je ne peux pas révéler mon identité de la crainte que le lapin pourrait tomber le coup de pied me. Je vous assure bien que je suis inoffensif je seulement le rêve des enfants que je n’attaque jamais

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