Delta aren´t so dirty after all..

After last year´s expeeriences we called Delta ´dirty Delta´but this year they delivered us and all our luggage almost on time which was a relief.

We are settling into a much warmer Lima than last year, even a spot of sunshine. We´ve had some great orientation stuff and its exciting to be immersed in an IFES movement that lives and breathes mision integral, at whose heartbeat is the belief that justice is not just something good, but is at the heart of the gospel. I´m once again reminded of the amazing capacity of Peruvians to love and welcome. Tomorrow we´re off to some universities to do some dramas… should be interesting…


3 thoughts on “Delta aren´t so dirty after all..”

  1. Sam,

    Good to hear that you’ve arrived okay and that Delta learnt from the last time, not to mess with the Moore. I see that you’re last post was 10/07 so you’ve probably been up to a lot since then. We’d love to hear more from the soapbox!

    Well, if we don’t hear from you, hope you enjoy the rest of the trip and especially the travelling after the IFES formalities. Take care and remember, if you don’t see red, white and blue…you don’t belong! ;o)

    See you when you get back


  2. hey, thinkin about y’all… Looking forward to hearing all about it and the travelling adventures apres
    rach 🙂

  3. Hola!
    Hope it’s all going well. Praying for you all. Looking forward to catching up and hearing all about it in Berlin… K

    Rick – In the absense of any info (or rants!) from the soapbox there are a few team updates on the Latin Link website –

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