It’s o so quiet – have Irish church leaders lost their voice?

On Boxing/St. Stephen’s day, the BBC website carries stories about church leaders speaking prophetically into our culture in Wales, England and Scotland. There was a general story on the front page, alongside the Pope’s Christmas message. But then I began to look for what Irish church leaders were saying at Christmas. Maybe because it’s Christmas church leaders get more airtime, and it was interesting to read most of them speaking intelligently and some might say prophetically into our society and culture. A simple trawl of stories on front page and search deeper into Europe and NI sections reveal nothing. Is it just they are not getting reported or have church leaders in Ireland lost their voice?


4 thoughts on “It’s o so quiet – have Irish church leaders lost their voice?”

  1. Hello. Just found your blog a few seconds ago. This isn’t really a response to the post, but is a casual observation. We are in times of phenomenal prophetic fulfilment and it seems that, for the most part, the church is oblivious to them. In this country, politics and a smooth message of prosperity have left the hearts and minds of many professing christians firmly planted in this temporal world.

    May we all have ears to hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches in these unsettling times. I’ll stop by again when time permits.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  2. it seems when irish church leaders speak out they rarely cover themselves in glory. Maybe we should be glad they don’t speak too often…

    though i’m not sure i really mean that I think i’m just being a bit cynical…

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