Sammy Wilson takes Northern Ireland politics to a new level of farce

sammy-wilson1Never one to shy away from controversy Sammy is at it again. I once encountered him once at a Q&A session at Queen’s and was impressed by his sharpness and handle on the issues. This sense appears to have deserted our environment minister in recent weeks. From foreign workers, and now to the very subject of his assembly portfolio he likes to be his own man. Northern Ireland’s environment minister has banned a UK government advertising campaign. Yes the unionist has turned against the Union he seeks to uphold. Sammy calls the advertising campaign on reducing CO2 output ‘insidious propaganda’. As someone who doesn’t believe that human causation is one of the main factors in climate change at least he is demonstrating some consistency. It seems ridiculous enough that our environment minister thinks this way, but why on earth appoint such a person to the post in the first place? I’ve never thought the DUP particularly well hinged but surely they can’t be so crazy? Enter party leader Peter Robinson, who told the NI assembly that Sammy was entitled to his opinions but that they did not reflect the party as a whole. Now Peter please stop talking such shite. The DUP in their manifesto and as official party policy are committed to reducing CO2 output, the very subject of the banned ads. So the DUP put someone in a post who even disagrees with their own policies in the portfolio he is given, never mind most of the other parties, and then defend him? The Green party and a host of others are calling for Sammy’s resignation. You can sign the petition here. At least Sammy is showing some integrity and not rapidly backtracking as many politicians do. The biggest question however is what sort of game are the DUP playing? Why go to such ridiculous lengths to defend Sammy their constant source of controversy?  Surely they would be better off without him and all the flak he attracts, or perhaps that flak distracts from  what the DUP is actually doing (or not doing s the case may be)?


6 thoughts on “Sammy Wilson takes Northern Ireland politics to a new level of farce”

  1. NI needs a new political party, asap. One which is born post ‘troubles’ and doesn’t carry the baggage of unionism/nationalism/religion. Maybe you’re the man to start it. Wee Sammy is who he is. I agree though why appoint him as environment minister when he disagrees with party policy in this precise area!

  2. I think you’re into something there – people do need a party which has a focus that isn’t on the sectarianism of the past and has an agenda other than opposing other parties but has the real concerns of the electorate at heart. The green party will be interesting to watch – given their focus is non-sectarian I think they could begin to do well. The next election certainly will be interesting.

    So what should I call my new party – here’s an interesting one – if you were starting a political party what would your ethos and values be – what would be the issues you would stand for?

  3. Great idea… lets start writing the manifesto here and now.

    The Green Party, for better or worse are seen as a one issue campaign group. A worth while campaign which i would support… but i can’t seeing them attracting 50-60 % of the Popular vote.

    Item 1. We have no opinion on the Irish border issue, other than support of the ‘Good Friday’ settlement.


  4. DUP knows that a large amount of its support base agrees with Sammy so they’ve allowed him to cut loose on this so the party can keep in with Westminster and their constituency, just like they did with Iris’ gay comments which were a pandering to DUP voters.

  5. I’m just worried that Sammy will support naked outings to forest parks as part of his environmental strategy… teddy bears & picnics beware!

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