A Just Life

justlifeJustLife is an initiative set up by a group of us  based around a Tearfund  event last Saturday called ‘Invest for Life’.  JustLife is a space dedicated to exploring the connections between faith, money, justice and lifestyle.

‘Invest for Life’ was about  money – the theology and practice of giving, budgeting, investing and using our money for the good of ourselves and the world around us.

JustLife is designed to help us go deeper on some of the issues that are raised at the event. Every Wednesday until the 25 March, a group of us involved in Invest for Life will be posting short pieces discussing topics like fair-trade, ethical banking, giving and sustainable living. We hope you’ll feel free to join in the conversation.

I’ve just posted my contribution on giving


One thought on “A Just Life”

  1. Nietzsche’s tough going, I’ve stalled a little to be honest, to finish a novel I was reading, and now I’ve moved on to Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. He (Nietzsche) is full of crap at times, on general matters, and sometimes he’s interesting, and very occasionally he’s astute.
    My absence from the blogosphere? I’ve been feeling that I need to tone down my narcissism, so I’ve gone cold turkey for a while.

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