Patrick must be turning in his grave

phone1I had my first experience of St Patrick’s day in Dublin last week, and to be honest am not so sure if I really want to repeat it! It is impressive that off licences aren’t allowed to sell their wares until 3pm in an attempt to at least keep the parade sober. I was intrigued to hear a little girl behind me say “Daddy, what’s the parade for?”, It’s for St Patrick, came the reply. ” who is Patrick?. I was left hanging at the crucial moment as the crowd swallowed up my opportunity to eavesdrop.The streets were thronged with people, and maybe i’m becoming old and grumpy but it really was pretty grim. My observations of the 3 essentials for the day in Dublin are:

1. Wear something green

2. If you are female dress as tartily as possible

3. Don’t forget your step ladders – the essential accessory to see the parade (or allow your kids to see it). I even saw a set of ladders chained to a fence like a bicycle…


4 thoughts on “Patrick must be turning in his grave”

  1. “2. If you are female dress as tartily as possible”

    I had the stepladder, but – D’oh, knew I forgot something…

  2. nothing to do with blog, but Ive got addicted to Google Maps, & spotted your car + visable number plate…

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