Developing young Christian leaders in Ireland

I have dreams of God’s kingdom coming here in Ireland, dreams of that kingdom breaking through in every sphere if Irish life and society that ripples around the globe. In those dreams it is young people, listening to the Spirit who make those dreams a reality. Young people from the inner city, young people with African and Eastern European roots, and young middle class Irish people all working together. All the colours bleeding into one as an Irish prophet once said…

So how can we make that a reality?

What would it look like to invest in and develop young Christian leaders in Ireland who allow the kingdom to break in? Who will lead God’s mission in 21st century Ireland in innovative ways, who aren’t afraid to take risks?

This is where I would like your help.  Helping make this a reality is a part of my job. What are the key areas these young leaders need to develop if this is to become a reality? What are the experiences they need to have? What do they need to learn, not just in theory but in practice? What sort of foundations do they need to have?

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Developing young Christian leaders in Ireland”

  1. Among other things they need people to journey with them for a long period of time (5-10 years maybe), gradually shaping, directing, stretching and empowering at each stage of development & with each new leadership challenge.

    So in short… long long long term investment

  2. Perhaps learn to value people for who they are, not simply targets for evangelism, and recognise that work doesn’t have to be done by the church for it to be “good.”

    I think we focus too much on church leadership at the expense of Christian leadership.

    Good question!

  3. I suppose it’s giving these young leaders real responsibility In my experience you can get people to talk the talk all day long. But it’s only when they’re given real roles to grow into and learn as they go along that they really develop into leaders.

    Learning to be a leader can only be done by making the mistakes and earning peoples respect by doing the hard yards.

    The great leaders of the past and present started with very little and by hard work and investing of themselves have they become true leaders that people will follow and believe in.

    So I suppose they need, like Dinger says, someone to journey along with them to spend time holding them accountable, evaluating the triumphs and failures. Pushing them to strive harder and expect more from themselves.

  4. Think participation is huge. Allowing young Christian leaders to lead, in an environment, where they can also learn from and be accountable to those who are more experienced, mature and able to mentor. Think they need to see Christian leadership fleshed out in reality before them, and be allowed to have a go themselves.
    Also listening. Listening to God’s word, and having a godly character shaped, as the Holy Spirit is at work, through the bible. Listening to the context of Ireland today, and what the gospel and bible have to say in this context. Also listening critically to people who have written on leadership and to dialogue and engage with what they have to say, as well as to their peers.

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