2 days to the challenge…

Tomorrow I’m heading off to the wilds of Staffordshire to compete in the 2010 Innovista Challenge. Compete is perhaps the wrong word – struggle to cross the finish line is perhaps a more accurate representation.

Training – if that’s what you could call it is almost complete – as evidenced by Mark and I’s beautiful sweaty faces. Next stop:

25km of mountain biking – which after heading off road last week I’ve discovered is much harder work than cycling around Dublin.
10km running forest trails
1.6 km kayaking

Lots of people do this sort of thing for fun – not me. I’m in it for the money. More specifically to raise money.

I work with Innovista where we are passionate about seeing the lives of young people and communities transformed. We do this through training and supporting young leaders who are working to make a difference in the lives of young people who often don’t have much in the way of hope or dreams.

We need your help to resource and equip these young leaders. The challenge is raising money for Innovista projects in Ireland and in Barton (Oxford) – click on the links to read more.

Please help us bring hope to young people in the UK and Ireland by sponsoring us

The Irish team is made up of myself, Mark Gorman and Kyle Kophamel – you can sponsor them by clicking the links on their names or sponsor me here.


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