What’s the worst Christmas present you ever received?

Christmas presents are a funny thing. Often we complain about having to spend money and time on getting people presents. Sometimes it can be an incredible feeling buying someone something you know they will love. Then there is the challenge of what to buy someone who doesn’t actually need anything. Sometimes we complain about getting stuff we don’t want or like. But then we’d also complain if we didn’t get anything when we expected something. Giving gifts is and can be a beautiful thing but too often gets sucked of the joy and beauty by the commercialisation all around us.

Sometimes the best presents don’t cost a lot of money.

Sometimes we do build up a collection of unwanted presents. What’s the worst present you’ve ever received?

I’m trying to remember. While I do check out some responses by a few Dubs on this video by Tearfund:

Sometimes the best presents are things given to others on our behalf like at advent conspiracy

What are the best or worst Christmas presents you have ever received?


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