Mud everywhere – Runamuck complete

SamMy clothes had so much mud and gravel in them I blocked the filter in the washing machine!

Runamuck lulled us into a false sense of security with the start – over hay bales and running through fields. “Ah sure how can this get muddy?”


We didn’t realise about a third of the course isn’t running but wading – through rivers and mud. And then they like to make sure you’re well covered with a few slides – yes you guessed it into mud. I was really fortunate a couple of times and found a pothole, going in up to my neck.

With cargo nets, tyres everywhere and sections of run that in the mud underfoot made you feel like every step was a slide I did end up covered head to toe – as you can see!

It was great fun and we will be back next year – hopefully with more of you joining in too.

We also didn’t register just how big an event it is – 4000 people!

I was running to help raise money for RISE – an Innovista initiative to equip teenagers in inner city Dublin to be sources of hope in their communities. I’m really thankful for the generosity of everyone who sponsored me – I’ve almost reached my target of €500. If you’d like to help me get over the fundraising finish line you can do so by clicking here (or here via Justgiving, making use of Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer)


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