New Year. New Blogging Mojo

Blogs seem all so 2008.  I remember the days when a bunch of us used to blog, battering out ideas, sharpening each other’s viewpoints and perspectives. Something happened in the last couple of years as we (well some of us) stopped writing and more generally twitter and the like button overtook the blog comment.

Jaybercrow has had enough and has lit the proverbial firework up some of our backsides and so with a bunch of others – most of whom can be found in the blogroll on the right – I am setting myself the goal of blogging once or twice a month. It is something I find really helpful in clarifying my thinking and perspective and I’d love you to help me by:

  • reading and commenting – encourage the good, disagree (nicely), critique and make suggestions
  • joining us by starting your own blog

This blog has always been a bit of a fusion or mis-match of stuff. I know the blogging gurus say choose one topic to write about but my brain doesn’t work that way – I need variety!

Are you up for joining in?


Thanks to John Atkinson at Wrong Hands for a great cartoon.


5 thoughts on “New Year. New Blogging Mojo”

  1. I remembering it being addictive once you get started, so I hope this gains momentum for us all and doesn’t just fizzle out mid-February! It’s got to be more satisfying than the voyeurism of Facebook, which still sucks me in as I look over Jayber’s shoulder. The discipline of writing and the courtesy of engaging with what others are talking about seem essential to getting this up and running..

  2. I remember just lurking about everyone’s blogs back when you were all prolific bloggers… I loved them and tried not to be too jealous of JM & Debs and their interesting circle of idea-sharing friends!

  3. If I may add my distinct mark to the base of this lamp-post…

    I think the leaving comments bit is crucial to keeping this thing alive. Without it you can feel like you’re throwing words out into cyberspace and you have no idea if anyone is really listening. A friend commented to me that people don’t tend to leave comments on something unless they disagree, which is interesting. So a short comment to say “I read this, I agree, thanks for this” goes a long way.

    This comment will now self-destruct in an endless loop of postmodern self-referentialism…

  4. Excellent point. I think there is a lot in the not commenting unless you disagree observation. Commenting to agree reminds me of the old practice of “encourage the good wherever you find it”.

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