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Next stop Lima

Its been a while since the last post, partly because it seemed to stir up so much discussion i wasn’t quite sure how to follow it, and also i’ve been off wearing my health and safety hat managing a few venues at summer madness.
The trip to Dublin airport to leave for Lima via Atlanta is fast approaching. I head off on wednesday morning (11th July) jjust in time to miss the bonfires. On the subject of which i was glad to see at least one newspaper article tacking the polluting nature of bonfire season.
I’ll be in Peru until 12th August, we’re building a community centre and working with one of the local christian student groups. If you’re of the praying sort, we’d appreciate your prayers for good health, team building, language skills, and that we would be able to serve and learn from our hosts.
I’ll hopefully be able to post a few updates, but we’ll also have updates on the Latinlink site.
If you’d like to write to me/us and send us some chocolate or keep us up to date with the Premiership and all that’s happening at home, we’d appreciate that – well the girls less so about the football maybe.
Our address is:
Equipo Step AEGUP, Enlace Latino, Apartado 1277, Lima 100, Peru


This time next month i’ll be on the plane to Peru. I’m going with a bunch of students from across Ireland, where we’ll be working with the Peruvian equivalent of who I work for. We (hopefully) will be doing some English language stuff with students – just as well given my spanish skills. We’ll also be helping build a community centre in the outskirts of Lima. AEGUP (the Peruvian IFES movement) are pretty awesome and holistic in what they do. The community centre will not only provide a place for locals to come and use, but will host breakfast and lunch clubs for kids who probably wouldn’t eat otherwise, as well as being a hub for community development teaching skills, giving health education and a lot more. With weddings and all sorts of other stuff like being crashed into going on I’m only getting around to really thinking about Peru. By the way, what are the odds, blemish free driving for years the points and an accident all in a few weeks. Thanks to all those who have dug deep to help us on our way so far, if you’d like to contribute – click on the justgiving link to the right. Hasta luego.

The world is your oyster?

It frightening to think that in the 10 years since I have left school I have travelled more than my grandparents did in their entire lifetime. Nicked a cool site off Neil’s blog where you can paint the parts of the world red that you’ve been to (great for all those members of the socialist workers party out there). Here’s mine. Make your own here

Of course you may not know where half those places are but best way to learn is via competition, and here I unashamedly steal from zoomtard. See how many countries you can name – great way to while away the hours when you’re supposed to be trying to understand John Hick’s influence on religious pluralism. I have a high of 69 (after starting on 34) and obviously have no clue about asia, lets get some competition going…

While we’re on the subject of maps, always good to check out the Peters Projection for a less Europe/America-centric and more accurate view of the world.