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New Year. New Blogging Mojo

Blogs seem all so 2008.  I remember the days when a bunch of us used to blog, battering out ideas, sharpening each other’s viewpoints and perspectives. Something happened in the last couple of years as we (well some of us) stopped writing and more generally twitter and the like button overtook the blog comment.

Jaybercrow has had enough and has lit the proverbial firework up some of our backsides and so with a bunch of others – most of whom can be found in the blogroll on the right – I am setting myself the goal of blogging once or twice a month. It is something I find really helpful in clarifying my thinking and perspective and I’d love you to help me by:

  • reading and commenting – encourage the good, disagree (nicely), critique and make suggestions
  • joining us by starting your own blog

This blog has always been a bit of a fusion or mis-match of stuff. I know the blogging gurus say choose one topic to write about but my brain doesn’t work that way – I need variety!

Are you up for joining in?


Thanks to John Atkinson at Wrong Hands for a great cartoon.


Women of the world unite! Free rice, and the poppy question continues…

Time for a quick round up of blogging action.

Crooked Shore has taken one (more) small step in the musings about poppies, and some of the attitutes towards wearing or not not wearing.

comicIt’s all been kicking off in the blogosphere – at least in our little corner of it. Women. Women in the church most specifically. So much so espero has been roused from her curtailment of activity by children to start blogging. Zoomtard has also begun to throw his weight around the ring with not one but three posts and another promised tomorrow. Jaybercrow is whispering wisely, while Vox is making comics about the kerfuffle, while all the pots are being stirred by a cheeky monkey. Mysmallcorner and Lilytodd – didn’t realise what they were starting – but thanks for making me start thinking about something I hadn’t given much thought to before.

Whynot smile directed me to improve my vocabulary whilst donating rice to the UN World food programme at Free Rice. Sound too good to be true? check out some thoughts here.

I leave with with some of Hugo (recently told in public to ‘shut up’ by the King of Spain) Chavez’s best lines