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Earlier in the year I had dreams of transforming our front garden and creating two vegetable and herb patches for winter food production.

I managed two bunches of spearmint. Maybe in spring…

On Saturday I spent an hour or so weeding and cutting back some of the dead plants from the summer. With the crazy warm November there are bulbs sprouting everywhere. My old enemy the creeping buttercup is also everywhere, spreading its creepers and popping up in bunches of those leaves I’ve come to hate. Gardening, or more accurately in my case spending time in the garden is an incredibly profound and renewing experience. Today I was going over some training material in work on character formation, then I flicked on Twitter and came across this, which really resonated:

Besides being a practical, life-nurturing task, gardening is also always a spiritual activity. In it we attempt to make room for what is beautiful, delectable, and even holy. Every act of gardening thus presupposes and embodies a way of relating to creation and to God, a way that invariably invokes moral and theological decisions.

From an article by Norman Wirzba