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Will you help me make it over the finish line of the 2012 Innovista challenge?

In just over 8 days my feet and tyres will be pounding the Glens of Antrim in Innovista’s annual fundraising adventure race.

There are 35km to be conquered including an assault course at the end. Why you ask?

Last year Becca, one of the young people from the youth group I’ve been helping out with said  “what’s the point – nothing’s ever going to change around here”.

I believe that change is possible and that teenagers can become sources of hope in their communities.
For that reason I’m taking on an intern (who has more experience working with teenagers than I do!) to develop a leadership programme that will equip teenager with  leadership skills and get them involved in a community project.
Most of all my hope is that in seeing something small change we can begin to break the cycle of hopelessness.
To help raise the funding I’m competing in Glenathlon – running,cycling and assault course on 8th September.
Would you help us to raise the funds we need to inject hope into the lives of teenagers like Becca?
To sponsor me go to:
or if you are a taxpayer in the UK:

2 days to the challenge…

Tomorrow I’m heading off to the wilds of Staffordshire to compete in the 2010 Innovista Challenge. Compete is perhaps the wrong word – struggle to cross the finish line is perhaps a more accurate representation.

Training – if that’s what you could call it is almost complete – as evidenced by Mark and I’s beautiful sweaty faces. Next stop:

25km of mountain biking – which after heading off road last week I’ve discovered is much harder work than cycling around Dublin.
10km running forest trails
1.6 km kayaking

Lots of people do this sort of thing for fun – not me. I’m in it for the money. More specifically to raise money.

I work with Innovista where we are passionate about seeing the lives of young people and communities transformed. We do this through training and supporting young leaders who are working to make a difference in the lives of young people who often don’t have much in the way of hope or dreams.

We need your help to resource and equip these young leaders. The challenge is raising money for Innovista projects in Ireland and in Barton (Oxford) – click on the links to read more.

Please help us bring hope to young people in the UK and Ireland by sponsoring us

The Irish team is made up of myself, Mark Gorman and Kyle Kophamel – you can sponsor them by clicking the links on their names or sponsor me here.

The Challenge

25 km mountain biking

10 km cross country run

1 km kayak

And the odd army assault course thrown in for good measure.

Also known as the 2010 Innovista Challenge.

All on a cold November morning in exactly 2 months time.

Why oh why would I inflict such pain on myself? A question especially those of you who know my current exercise levels might be asking, and a mere 5 weeks after I return from honeymoon.

The answer really is about changing the world. I’m setting up Innovista in Ireland at the moment. At a time when the population has lost faith in the politicians, the bankers, and the church, now, more than ever is the time when Ireland (north and south) needs young leaders of integrity who will have the character and skills to bring hope and lasting change to their communities, churches and society as a whole. That is what we are about. Already we are working with young leaders who are working in the inner city of Dublin, helping kids at risk of dropping out of school with homework, providing friendship, and sharing Jesus. We are also providing training and support for young people giving a year to work and serve in (some struggling) churches across Ireland, who are helping those churches to engage with their local communities.

In order to develop, support and train these young leaders to bring hope and transformation to the communities they are working in, we need the resources to make that possible.

We are looking for people to help provide those resources  by:

1. Taking part in the challenge and raising sponsorship – find out how here

2. Sponsoring me through my Justgiving page

(Should you wish you can also give regularly and tax efficiently in € by clicking here or in £ by clicking here)