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Some last minute electioneering

Strange that apart from Joan Collins (the postal worker, although the actress standing in Dublin south central would be interesting) the independant candidates election material (that comes via the postal system) only arrived yesterday while Fine Gael have been bombarding us with recycling propoganda and posters.

Watching the leaders debate a couple of nights ago didn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

I found Micheal Martin extremely irritating and rude -insisting he should get to finish his point while constantly interrupting Enda, who seemed to need to learn to speak up for himself. Eamon seemed to be putting a lot of distance between himself and the other two, and at least did take Micheal to task for claiming the other parties had no credibility, which seemed just a little hypocritical.

But we all know elections should be about policies not personalities or “we’ve always voted for x”. Votomatic takes you through a number of questions to see where you align on a selection of policies. From the facebook comments it seems a lot of people are more aligned with Sinn Fein than they’d like to be…