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bags and being bogging – Peru part one

So we┬┤ve arrived in Peru after a 8 hr flight from Dublin to Atlanta and 6 hrs from Atlanta to Peru.Highlights from Delta included haagen daas mid journey. However the ban on liquids and aerosols did have a negative effect on our personal hygiene! Delta then crumbled in our estimation by managing to leave our bags in Atlanta (and those of around 30 other people on the flight). The lack of sleeping bags was most keenly felt as its pretty baltic in the sunless grey skies of Lima, as was the lack of toiletries, once again the team has bonded around our lack of cleanliness. When our bags arrived this morning however,w e were pretty happy but at the same time had been reminded that you can survive quite happily without a shower for three days and living simply is a pretty content way to be whehn living in a community of people. We start work tomorrow and had some time to see Lima today, having just avoided some rioting the last few days. Paul as our tallest member at six feet five literally is head and shoulders above all Peruvians. AEGUP – the Peruvian IFES movement who we are working with have welcomed us amazingly, and are involved in some awesome community development projects which we will be a part of. More soon..