Too much too young

Today one of the girls who grew up through our kids ministry and used to come to youth group died in labour.  She was 20. The baby boy may or may not survive.

She leaves a toddler – who as a baby she used to bring along to youth group.

She is the fifth or sixth friend the teenagers in youth group have said a premature goodbye to in tragic circumstances over the past couple of years – whether through accidents or suicide.

They have dealt with a volume of loss that teenagers shouldn’t have to.

As a friend said:

Praying for all their little hearts that have to endure so much.

There is much that could be said, written and asked about the inner city and why so many young lives end prematurely, or over life expectancy that is so much shorter.

Tonight we gathered over tea, crisps and chocolate cake.

It wasn’t a time for questions or attempted explanations or even God-talk. They have experienced too much pain and loss for that.

We watched photos and videos of them all growing up.
There were stories, hugs, memories, tears and laughter.

For hearts that have endured so much there were moments of beauty and glimmers of hope.

And as leaders we’re praying for all their little hearts that have to endure so much.


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