Big Brother does it again..

I hadn’t realised we had another series on big brother until a few days after it started, and especially the last few days. As big brother becomes embroiled in another ‘racism row’ i have to admit to a large degree of cynicism. After the whole shilpa debacle is this simply big brother trying to redeem itself? I thought it was an experiment in social observation, although it appears to be becoming more like its orwellian inspiration and turning into social control. Obviously racism is wrong but this whole thing appears to be making a massive deal out of one comment. To throw someone out instead of warning them or talking to them about their behaviour and use of language is massively over-reacting. Apparently they weren’t concerned with her motives but in the offence caused to the viewing public. Rubbish. If they really cared about offending the viewing public they wouldn’t show half of what they do, and they certainly wouldn’t have let the ‘white bint’ comment made by another contestant go unchallenged. Big Brother stinks of hypocrisy and a crass attempt to raise the ratings which i certainly won’t be contributing to…


4 thoughts on “Big Brother does it again..”

  1. I liked the first series of Big Brother, but I haven’t watched sicne then…. crass, boring and contrived rubbish.

  2. yeah the first couple of series intrigued me, but then big brother seemed to be going out of its way to create conflict and fill the house with people who just weren’t that interesting

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